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Gisella Mandalà

“Each creation is individual and takes shape in the course of construction, it is never the result of an outlined project.

The flow of emotions, thoughts and creativity of the moment become the leitmotiv that inspires the work of Gisella Mandalà ”

Gisella Mandalà was born in Palermo where she still lives; she began her business by revisiting the traditional Sicilian coffa, she was an adulte when she descovered this attitude.

Her training in the field of art and antiques led her to develop exclusive collections, that, with style and elegance, tell the unique and overwhelming tradition of Sicily.
In her bags, all made with natural materials and entirely handmade, G.M pours all his creativity and passion.
Each bag is unique and unrepeatable and it is precisely what will give each creation the character of a real work of art, in which fashion and tradition become the perfect combination.
The bags made with extreme attention to detail are embellished with various materials, such as handmade lace, ceramics, stones, corals etc.
The images that enrich her bags are hand-reworked reproductions on canvas, the originals of which can be found in the Sicilian art museum of Villa Adriana in Palermo and of which G.M. has the exclusive right to use the representations.

What distinguishes GM coffees is that each bag looks at fashion to create unique pieces, inspired by the colors and traditions of Sicily, representing stories and myths of Sicilian culture, to inspire women who love to share their passions, emotions and successes through an accessory that allows every woman to express herself in a unique and elegant way.

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The photos of the bags, published on social media, have been around the world, stimulating interest by fashion houses, including VIPs who have chosen her bags.


Where am I : Viale Strasburgo 217,
Cap 90100 Palermo

Telephone e W.app:
366 319 8404



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